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Visit Historic Charleston


Visit the old south, rich in history and mystery! Ferry over to Fort Sumter where the first shots of the civil war were fired. Embark on a walking Civil War tour, which takes you through the historic streets of Charleston or wait until evening, and let a guide take us to some of the eerie scenes where ghosts regularly appear, or do they? The USS Yorktown located at Patriots Point gives you the opportunity to tour the battleship. You can also have lunch in the mess hall just like the sailors did when the battleship was in commission. An educational program at one of the plantations allows students to see what life was like in the south during the civil war. Need some science included? Travel to the Barrier Islands for a guided eco-tour and even include a cookout on the beach for lunch. We have to include the Charleston City Market where the Gullah population weave and sell their sweet grass baskets. It is a great souvenir shopping stop as well. It really is hard to include it all here, so just give us a call for more details!