Tours For Christian Schools

With Burke Educational Travel/Christian Tours, you have the opportunity to travel with your students in a Christian atmosphere and with Christian staff members. Educational travel is so important! Expand the classroom to include places that normally are only read about in a book. The exposure students get while traveling is also important and with our staff you can be assured they will have the best possible experience. Our staff can provide daily devotions, and, of course, prayer on our motorcoaches before the day starts and at meals. The option is yours.

Visit “Answers in Genesis” at the Creation Museum or spend time exploring The Ark! What an experience to explore the Ark Encounter that was built to the exact specifications noted in the scripture. Find out answers to all those questions that most of us have about “how did they do...”. Of course, all our regular trips are at your disposal or we can plan an exclusive trip to your special itinerary. Call our office today and let’s talk about all the possibilities for you and your students!

Explore two of our more popular tours, or create your own!


Studying a new culture with very different social expectations may begin with a trip to the Amish community in Lancaster, Pa. Take an opportunity to learn how the Amish children attend school both at a one room school and at home. Learning skills at home such as farming, house-keeping and cooking are a big part of the education for Amish young people. Enjoy a meal in an Amish home where electricity isn’t used while you taste some very delicious Amish dishes. Visit the Farmers Market for some hand-made souvenirs as well as some awesome whoopee pies. Included in your tour, we will enjoy a Broadway style play at Sight & Sound Theatre where the bible comes to life on stage. This huge performance will not only entertain you but will also bless your spirit. Complete with live animals and an inspiring story, it is a “don’t miss” attraction in the Amish country.


Learn the answers in Genesis as you wind your way through creation at the Creation Museum. Walk through biblical history and learn why the bible was the starting point for science. Add the planetarium and the multi-media theatre to your adventure. Visit the zoo and the botanical gardens as well or even add in some zip lining just for fun. Have you ever wondered what it was like on the Ark? Visit the Ark Encounter for answers to all those questions you have about life on the Ark with Noah and his family. Where did he put all those animals? How did he feed them? How big was the ark? All those questions and more are answered as you walk your way through this replica of the Ark that was built according to the exact specifications as quoted in the scriptures. There is so much more to see than can be told here, so just visit and be astounded at its vast size!