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Visit the magical world of Disney, not only for a fun experience but also for their very accredited educational programs. Disney’s “YES” (Youth Education Series) Programs are led by accredited and licensed educators for maximum value to students. Explore the parks while learning anything from Physics, Leadership, Marine Life, Ecology, animal studies and more. You pick the topic of learning and the YES program takes care of the rest.Of course, all the fun and excitement are really great additions to learning! Call for more information today! Don’t miss out on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios while adding a great learning experience. Universal combines national and state education standards with real-world critical thinking to transform their top attractions into creative learning environments. Complete STEAM programs available with “Classrooms in Motion.” In these engaging, interactive experiences, students connect the dots between formal classroom curriculum and real-life applications of those concepts in an immersive, fun environment. Don’t miss out! Call us today to get started.