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Visit The N.C. Outer Banks


Imagine the look on a student’s face the first time they see the ocean and the excitement that is generated by actually seeing history before their eyes. Visit the site of the first flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Climb on a replica of the plane used to make history, when you visit the Memorial to the brothers. Climb the stairs of the most famous lighthouse, Hatteras, for a perfect view of the ocean. Don’t forget to bring your kites to fly when you visit the largest sand dune east of the Mississippi river, at Jockey’s Ridge. Roanoke Festival Park takes a realistic look into the history and practices of the first colony with some fun hands-on activities. An eco-study at Jeanette’s Pier will delight both students and teachers, as you take part in exploring activities that are sure to both educate and entertain. Add a Wild Horse Jeep tour just for the fun of it!