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Visit Atlanta


Visit the crossroads of the south and its history in Atlanta, Georgia. Include all of your academic requirements with the versatility of this destination. Explore the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere, the Georgia Aquarium. Enjoy a live dolphin show as part of your experience. Learn about the production of CNN with a backstage tour of the production site. Discover the world of versatility when you visit the Center for Civil and Human Rights. Adding a visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical Park also gives students an opportunity to learn about the importance of social history and equality. Don’t miss the World of Coca Cola where you will have the opportunity to taste different Coke products from around the world. Some of them can be very interesting too! A Trip to Atlanta would not be complete without a lunch stop at the famous Varsity. Started in 1928, the varsity sells 12,000 hot dogs a day! The Historic Fox theatre offers Broadway style performances and can be included in your tour. So many more attractions make Atlanta a great destination for students to learn and make memories for a lifetime.