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Visit Washington, D.C.


Every student should have the opportunity to visit their country’s capitol. What an experience of a lifetime to tour our Capitol building and learn the history that lies within those historic walls. Pay tribute to the leaders of the nation, when we visit the Memorials of President Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt and also Martin Luther King, Jr. A tram tour of Arlington Cemetery will take us to sites such as President John F. Kennedy’s grave and the changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Possibly you can apply for the opportunity to lay a wreath at the tomb before you depart. (information available online) Let’s stop at the White House for a photo as we make our way to the Smithsonian Museums. A morning at the former home of the first President George Washington, Mount Vernon, will be just the start of this historic site. The educational building, complete with a 4-D film of the events at Valley Forge will both educate and entertain.